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Corporate Policies

Privacy Statement

Humanitarian Service Project does not sell or share information received on this site. Any personally identifiable information would be used for HSP’s specific direct mailings and email newsletters.

To view our entire privacy policy, click here.

Executive Director Compensation Policy

The Executive Director of the Humanitarian Service Project will receive compensation commensurate with their experience and in relation to other like positions in the community, but will not receive compensation in excess of 3 ½ times the current minimum federal wage law. In addition, the Executive Director shall receive all other benefits currently provided to all staff, including vacation, health insurance, pension, etc.

Equal Opportunity Policy

The Humanitarian Service Project (HSP) is committed to equal employment opportunity for all, and to affirmative action.

To view our entire equal opportunity policy, click here.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose of the Conflict of Interest policy is to ensure that the deliberations and decisions of the Humanitarian Service Project (HSP) are made in the interests of the  Humanitarian Service Project as a whole, and to protect the interests of HSP when it is contemplating entering into a transaction, contract, or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an Interested Trustee, Officer or Person.

To view our entire conflict of interest policy, click here.

Client Privacy Policy

The Humanitarian Service Project (HSP) is very concerned about protecting the identity and circmustances of our clients. HSP does not release the full name or address of any of our clients for public usage.

To view our entire client privacy policy, click here.


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