Corporate Opportunities

You and your company have the ability to make a powerful difference in the lives of seniors, children and their families living in poverty. It’s a great chance for employees to fine-tune their leadership skills and contribute to people living in our community!

Here are a few ideas as to how you and your co-workers can help move our mission forward.

Be Creative, Inspire Others and Impact Your Community

Fundraise for HSP by heading to our Home Page and Click Get Involved.  You can turn any idea, celebration, or activity into a personal fundraising event.

  • You can raise funds to support a program of your choosing.
  • Sponsor a child in our Children’s Project.
  • Sponsor a senior in our Senior Citizen Project.
  • Provide and Endowment for a Child or Senior in need. 

Check out if your company has a GIFT-MATCHING PROGRAM, it may match contributions that employees make to HSP.

Find out if your company has CORPORATE GRANTS that we might be eligible for.

Employees can donate food, toys, books or funds instead of doing a HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE.

Your company could make a DONATION IN THE NAME OF ITS CLIENTS as a holiday gift to them.

Groups of employees love to VOLUNTEER AT OUR SITE. They have a terrific time while learning team-building skills and helping us serve the people in our community that need us most.

Your company could sponsor a voluntary PAYROLL DEDUCTION PROGRAM. It’s a convenient way for employees to give to a good cause.

DONATE GOODS your company has access to:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Office supplies
  • Batteries (AA, AAA, 9-volt)
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissue
  • Personal care items and Incontinence products
  • New books and new toys, especially for 8-11 year-olds
  • Gift cards



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