Make a Donation

HSP relies on the incredible financial gifts from people within our communities to run our programs. Our children, families and seniors are so thankful to receive much needed nutritional support along with our other valuable services and you make this possible through your generosity.

Making an online donation is easy.

There are several sponsorship packages and projects you can support:

Adopt a Child

$65 / year (Co-Sponsor) or $130 / year (Full-Sponsor)

Your generous sponsorship provides a child with much needed nutritional support at critical times during the year. Each child also receives a beautiful birthday box to celebrate their special day and school supplies to succeed in the classroom.

Adopt a Senior

$400 / year [35 / month] (Co-Sponsor)


$800 / year [70 / month] (Full-Sponsor)

Your life changing sponsorship provides a senior with a nutritious monthly grocery delivery brought directly to their doorstep.  The 95-100 lbs. grocery package includes: fresh produce, non-perishables, meat, and bread.  Seniors also receive much needed hygiene products, toilet paper, paper towels and toilet paper.

Christmas Offering

  • $70 sponsors 1 family
  • $140 sponsors 2 families
  • $210 sponsors 3 families

Your incredible sponsorship provides a family with much needed nutritional support including fresh produce, non-perishables, meat, bread, eggs, and cheese. Each child in the family also receives 3 or more fantastic Christmas presents.



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