Children's Project

What is the Children’s Project?

This project reaches out to 700+ children ages 3 to 11 who live in poverty in DuPage and Kane Counties. Our goal is to provide each child with nutritional support at critical times of the year, a beautiful birthday box to celebrate their birthday, and school supplies for those children of school age.

Why does this project exist?

Hunger affects over 66,000 children in DuPage and Kane counties and we continue to see a huge need for nutritional support to combat the food insecurity issues families are facing. Our average size family is a household of five, living on an average pre-tax monthly income of $1263 and they struggle to afford their basic needs and expenses.  The cost of housing in these counties is also one of the highest in the nation with an average fair market rent of $979.  For a person earning minimum wage, he/she would have to work 91 hours per week to afford rent.  As a result, money is not available to purchase enough food to eat, toys, books or school supplies for their children. 

What is the goal of the Children’s Project?

The goal of this project is to provide nutritional support at critical times of the year to combat hunger and food insecurity the children are facing.  Along with the food support the child also receives a birthday box and school supplies which directly affects their emotional well-being, learning, development and stimulates creativity and social interaction.

Each child receives a fantastic birthday box filled with new toys, game, books, and stuffed animals based on their age and gender.  School aged children receive new school supplies in their box so they are prepared for the classroom.  The birthday box also includes a “Party-in-a-Bag” which includes everything to have a birthday party, such as, cake mix, frosting, candles, party favors, cups, plates, and napkins.  The goal is to create wonderful birthday memories to last a lifetime and to give children the opportunity to celebrate this special day with their family, complete with a party and presents.

How does the Project make a difference in the lives of our families and their children?

We receive wonderful thank-you letters from the families and kids letting us know how much they appreciate the services they receive.  The parents are so thankful to receive the groceries and the emotional burden they feel is reduced because their children are receiving nutritional support.  Parents express their thanks for the incredible birthday boxes and love to tell us how happy their kids are to receive birthday gifts and books.  We are very lucky to see the kids at the center because they get so excited when they receive their box, often time hugging staff and jumping up and down, it is pure joy!  Your incredible support makes this possible and it is an amazing experience to see firsthand the difference being made in the lives of children and their families.

Thank You Messages from our families and their children

“Dear HSP, Thank you for my birthday box. I really liked the Lego set a lot! And also the 3D puzzle is so cool. Thank you very much” God bless all of you!" - Daniel, a child enrolled in the Children’s Project

“I am very thankful for the [food] program.  It helps my family so much.  Your staff is wonderful and very pleasant.  God has a very special place for all of you that take the time to help.  You really are great people.  Thank you again.” - a Parent

Please click here to see more thank-you notes that we have received.


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