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Families and Seniors: You are welcome to pickup food at our center Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:15 PM with no appointment needed.


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Grandparents & Grandkids Say Thanks!

We received this beautiful thank you card in the mail yesterday. Joe and Diane are married and are both 76 years of age. They are enrolled in the Senior Citizen Project and are able to cook nutritious meals for themselves and their grandchildren thanks to your incredible support. We have a number of grandparents that have their grandchildren living with them. Their grandkids bring a lot of joy and come to the table every day with healthy appetites. See how you can make a difference every month of they year to families like Joe and Diane's by becoming a monthly donor and joining the Family Table. Click on How to Help, Donate, and Donate Monthly to learn more about how you can forever change a life through your monthly kindness.      

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