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Families & Seniors: Groceries are available to pick up at our center, Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM with no appointment needed. 

What We Do—


The current economic crisis continues to have a devasting effect on families and seniors as they suffer with the pain of hunger. The cost of food has skyrocketed. The emergency supplemental nutritional assistance that many relied on has ended, leaving them skipping meals and going hungry. Mothers and fathers are working hard, but still can’t make ends meet. Seniors suffer as they pay rent, buy medication, and buy food on small incomes.       

Can we count on you to help children and seniors suffering from hunger? 

As soon as you send your gift, you will bring relief to families and the elderly facing hunger in DuPage and Kane counties. You will be the reason a mom, a dad, a child, and a senior’s dire situation is changed for the better.

Together, we can take care of each other, one meal at a time.

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